Arca Arseven

Director – Cinematographer – Editor

Arca Arseven has graduated from Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production at York University in Toronto, Ontario. Over the course of four years, he has specialized in directing, screenwriting, cinematography and editing in genres including experimental, documentary, and fictional short films.

Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, he was inspired to write and direct “Kadıköy: Town of the Blind (2021)”, which takes place in his hometown during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic and was selected as the winner for 2nd year documentary film at CineSiege. It was also screened in TIFF Next Wave Film Festival on April 22-24, 2022.

Followed by two sci-fi shorts named “Hades (2021)”, “Valley of Dragonflies (2022)”, he recently finished his latest short “Yesterday was built tomorrow (2023)” and working on other projects as director and cinematographer.

arca AT arseven DOT net

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